R K C is an Accredited Academic Institution by the American Association of Christian Therapists (AACT), offering degrees in Ministry and Counseling.  Our on line curriculum is second to none with opportunities to be licensed under the AACT organization.


  Advance God's Kingdom Through Sound Biblical Educational Principles!


General Undergraduate Studies

     Certificate or Diploma Program 

     Associates Degree

     Bachelors of Biblical Studies

     Bachelors of Christian Counseling

General Graduate Studies

    Masters of Ministry

Masters of Biblical Studies 

    Masters of Christian Counseling

    Doctoral of Ministry

    Doctoral Christian Counseling


            Required Credits 

             Certificate & Diplomas                30 Credit Hours

             Associate  Degree                      60 Credit Hours                          

             Bachelor Degree                      120 Credit Hours  

             Master Degree                         144 Credit Hours 

             Doctoral Degree                       164 Credit Hours                                     

                                   Contact us: rolwgm@yahoo.com 

                769.218.2816 or 850.450.8409            












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