When I share with people some of my various travels I hear "I have that on my bucket list to do." I quickly share my moto of soaring in a balloon versus dropping in a bucket. Now I do understand the movie Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson  concept of accomplishing things you want to do before dying. Because I have supernatural  positive joy, I share the concept of the movie UP. You know the one where the old man and the chubby little boy scout went soaring in the house with the balloons tied on them to move the house from his old neighborhood. He did this because he made a promise to his wife that he was unable to keep before she transitioned/died. Both the balloons and the bucket list have the same concept yet one tends to be trying to get something out of the way or crossed off the list,  while the other is grabbing life and adding more to the list.
Whichever way you decide to handle the list make sure you begin with writing down what you want and staying focus on it. Speaking about it as much as you can and do not change your report! In June 2018 I was told about a tour to London-Paris around my birthday. Well I made the initial down payment with nine months to have it paid in full. During the next nine months, my business slowed down, my bills got behind, my car was repossessed (I did get it back with in the same week) money I should have received from the IRS never showed up. BUT I DIDN'T CHANGE ME REPORT OF GOING TO LONDON PARIS FOR MY BIRTHDAY. June 1 thru 9 the tour went forth and I was on it with extra cash to spare. God honors our faith. So stick with it and believe to achieve more with soaring balloons.
Can you think of a challenge your facing, these words of wisdom helped you?