Recently the Lord challenged me to do a Legacy Celebration for my decease spouse (Bishop W. L. Dixon)  As Bishop transitioned in 2003 I thought it quite strange for me to accomplish this task. There had been so much time and my life had changed in so many ways that I really thought I had missed the Lord. At any rate I heard him when he said 03/20/20, I began the process of sending out remember the date cards, later sending out RSVP cards and then again request for various associates to send testimonies about how Bishop Dixon affected their lives. Those that were gong ho about sharing began to send the information and registration fee.. I found a wonderful venue with conference rooms, guest rooms and  dining facility.  Well on March 11, 2020 the Pandemic was moving at a rapid rate and on March 15 the venue canceled the event because they were force to close their doors for Covid 19.  Did I Miss God? I know what I heard and obeyed! The reward for going through the process allowed me to put another feather in my cap and a jewel in my crown! The word of God states obedience is better than sacrifice... What sacrifice the cost of reaching out to individuals who were not interested in reconnecting, my sons asking why now mom but more important the sacrifice of pride. There was more to the story as to why this took 17 years to make it happen. I had to humble myself in the site of the Lord and walk in forgiveness for many who said they were Christians.. God's way is the best way. I'm enjoying my feather!!!